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(See the Documentation Link for both status and implementation).

Tin Can Api is a JSON protocol that has its roots in the education sector and as such has attracted the nomenclature Experience API a.k.a. XAPI. As an evolution of SCORM it's very well documented at and this Codeplex project is all about the creation of C# libraries to support the rapid roll-out of projects that utilise the protocol.

The nomenclature Tin Can was coined to explain the original project vision of creating a protocol that was as simple as joining two cans together with a piece of string so that users can both talk and listen into the cans, as in our days of childhood.

To a Software Engineer, this metaphor means TX/RX ... transmit/receive ... and because the protocol is simple, because it is in JSON, and because it is eXtensible, it allows prototype developers to very quickly connect both client and server business logic, without needing to bother about creating a protocol to support communication between client and server: the protocol can either be created later, or simply left as Tin Can.

The simplicity of the original vision always meant that the final protocol would have applications that would be well beyond the education sector, and because the protocol uses an Actor-Verb-Object pattern (which means that a device such as a mobile phone can just as well be an Actor as could a person), it can just as easily, for example, be used as part of a TX/RX protocol between two devices over Bluetooth.

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