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Eu.Xquirrel.Xapi > this is the where the crown jewels are, this library contains the Tin Can API JSON Dtos.
Eu.Xquirrel.TinCanAPI > This is just the W8 project host, look for an example on the OnLaunched(...) method in App.xaml.cs

Project Infancy and a little Developer-Yard-Yardy
This project is in it's infancy and to date only has some Windows 8 libraries invoked in the code behind of the Windows App Store App.xaml.cs Page - specifically the OnLaunched(...) method; there's no UI and the actual Tin Can API library that the project focuses on, can be seen if you break-point it in the App.xaml.cs code behind.

The reason why we've created this project is just to save us having to write Tin Can API JSON-centric Dtos for serialisation and deserialisation, every time we need them. We also do Xamarin Cross Platform Development and hope to take this beyond W8 and WP8 to Android Phone and Tablet, and iOS (you know the devices!).

I already use this code for talking to a Netduino via Bluetooth but to fulfil the full Tin Can API specifications I still need to add the capacity to add attributes and their values (and I should also audit the specification to make sure that everything else is there. I think so at this stage).

That shouldn't be too long away, but like many who make Codeplex contributions, I've got several balls in the air and just tend to do the one that falls and hits me on the head first.

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